Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Partners with the MOTC to Safeguard National Road Safety for the Sixth Consecutive Year Start Young for Road Safety!

Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Partners with the MOTC to Safeguard National Road Safety for the Sixth Consecutive Year
Start Young for Road Safety! “FUSO Safety Hero Truck Roadshow” from 9/2 Onwards
“Safety Education, Technical Workshop, Dancing with MOMO All Stars”
Knowing How to Drive Safety Makes Road Safety Easy!

   “Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Co., Ltd.” (DTAT), the leader of Taiwan’s commercial vehicles industry and general distributor of the FUSO and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, has long been a supporter of traffic safety and is partnering with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) to promote the “Road Traffic Safety Month” for the sixth consecutive year. The “HERO LAND | FUSO Safety Hero Truck Roadshow” will be held in northern, central then southern Taiwan over three successive weekends, starting from September. In addition to a hands-on display of the FUSO CANTER 5-tonne truck, the roadshow will also feature three activities, namely “Traffic Safety Education,” “Junior Technician Workshop” and “Dancing with MOMO All Stars,” so that everyone, young and old, can become FUSO safety heroes! Together, we can all become guardians of the road and build a safe environment for road-users. Let’s fill every trip with safety and confidence! Participation is welcome! Complete the activity tasks on the day to receive a special gift.
“HERO LAND - FUSO Safety Hero Truck Roadshow” will be held over three consecutive weekends at the Taipei Expo Park in Yuanshan, Taipei City, between September 2 ~ 3, at the SKM Park Outlets in Kaohsiung City between September 9 ~ 10, then at the Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Taichung in Taichung between September 16 ~ 17. The three activities will raise public awareness on traffic safety by fostering a safer and more aware road environment.
  • Activity 1 - Traffic Safety Education: Trained staff will guide the general public through the truck safety designs and technologies including the “Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS),” “Electronic Stability Program (ESP®),” “Brake Override System (BOS)” and “Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS).” Important topics, such as the “Blind spot caused by inner wheel difference of large trucks” and “Slipstream generated by moving trucks,” will also be covered in detail to give drivers and members of the public a better understanding of FUSO trucks’ safety performance.
  • Activity 2 - Junior Technician Workshop: Four Junior Technician Workshops will be held each day to teach kids about traffic safety. Children will dress up as technicians on the day to carry out "engine compartment inspection,” “water tank inspection,” “introduction to tire treads” and “vehicle lights inspection.” Experiencing the safety inspection process of FUSO trucks and emphasizing the need for additional vigilance around trucks will inspire the younger generation to take traffic safety seriously.
  • Activity 3 - Dancing with MOMO All Stars: The guys and girls from the MOMO Family have been invited to serve as FUSO Safety Hero Ambassadors. They will engage the audience through exciting singing and dancing, as well as a trivia quiz with prizes. The performance will make traffic safety concepts more fun and leave a stronger impression on parents and children, with an emphasis on how better traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility.
DTAT has been partnering with the MOTC to promote traffic safety since 2018. The latest “HERO LAND - FUSO Safety Hero Truck Roadshow” will hopefully raise public awareness on road safety for drivers and pedestrians, and help build a safe driving and road environment in Taiwan.
Attachment - “HERO LAND - FUSO Safety Hero Truck Roadshow” Information
Session Date Time Location
Northern Session 9/ 2 (Sat) ~  9/ 3 (Sun) 11:00 ~ 18:00 Garden Maze - Taipei Expo Park, Yuanshan, Taipei City
(No. 1 Yumen St. Jhongshan District., Taipei City)
9/ 9 (Sat) ~  9/ 10 (Sun) 11:00 ~ 18:00 1F Central Square, SKM Park Outlets
(No.1-1 Jhong-an Rd. Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City)
Central Session 9/ 16 (Sat) ~  9/ 17 (Sun) 11:00 ~ 18:00 Entry Square, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport, Taichung
(No. 600 Jinde Rd. East District, Taichung City)