Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Celebrates Delivery of 45,000th FUSO New Vehicle Lucky New Owner Wins NT$500,000 Truck Buy Fund!

Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Celebrates Delivery of 45,000th FUSO New Vehicle
Lucky New Owner Wins NT$500,000 Truck Buy Fund!

     There is now a new milestone to celebrate! Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. (DTAT), the general distributor for FUSO and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, both leading brands in the commercial vehicle industry, is celebrating the delivery of its 45,000th new vehicle. The 45,000th vehicle was a FUSO Super Great, the lucky owner was “Lihtai Construction Enterprise Co., Ltd.” a supplier of pre-mixed cement. On July 26, DTAT visited the company premises of the lucky owner to host a tailor-made award and celebration ceremony. To thank the customer for their longstanding support and encouragement, a NT$500,000 truck buy fund and personalized trophy were personally presented by DTAT CEO Jung Woo Park. Park also looked forward to working with the customer again in the future to take their businesses to new heights!
 Lucky New Owner Wins NT$500,000 Truck Buy Fund.

YYM General Manager presents the trophy to Lihtai.

     The lucky winner for the 45,000th vehicle delivery was “Lihtai Construction Enterprise Co., Ltd.” Lihtai was established 47 years ago and specializes in the supply of pre-mixed cement. Guided by their founding philosophy of “quality first, rock-solid reliability,” Lihtai has always focused on delivering the best quality to customers through cutting-edge technology, just like DTAT. Lihtai’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by the industry. The company was involved in the construction of “Taipei 101”, Taiwan’s signature skyscraper, as well as the architectural masterpiece “Tao Zhu Yin Yuan.” Other key projects included public buildings, office blocks, hotels, shopping centers, education and medical facilities, making Lihtai one of the finest cement suppliers in Taiwan area.
     A professional film crew was dispatched by DTAT to conduct interviews and shoot videos at Lihtai before the award ceremony in order to better convey the story of Lihtai Construction Enterprise. Their camera was used to record the story of one of Taiwan area’s invisible heroes. In the video, Lihtai Vice President Teng-liao Lin shared his experience with the company’s fleet of FUSO trucks over the past half century. He emphasized that if steel rebars were the bones of the construction industry, then the pre-mixed cement supplied by Lihtai was the muscle that covered and stabilized the bones. To accomplish its mission, Lihtai must not only deliver cement of high quality every time but also make sure that they are delivered on time. FUSO trucks are then like the blood pumping throughout the body. Lihtai is now planning another expansion of its truck fleet this year to ensure the reliable delivery of even better quality products. It is hoped that the exceptional transportation performance and high quality design of FUSO will support the continued expansion of the company's construction business. During the handover ceremony, DTAT CEO Jung-Woo Park expressed his thanks to all the bosses and truckers in each industry once again. The highlight of the ceremony was his presentation of the NT$500,000 truck buy fund and personalized trophy. In the future, DTAT will continue to partner with Taiwanese bosses and truck owners on “keeping Taiwan area on the move.” DTAT hopes that its extensive network, quality products and high-quality service in Taiwan area will help all truckers become heroes together!

The lucky owner  is Lihtai Construction Enterprise (a supplier of pre-mixed cement).