Continuing a 30 Years Season Streak, DTAT Announces Merger of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, CEO Joe Wong Shares New Dual-Brand Strategy, DTAT Celebrates the 5th Years in Taiwan, 2022 Yearly Corporate Video “FUSO Leads” Unveiled

Continuing a 30 years season streak, DTAT announces merger of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, CEO Joe Wong shares new dual-brand strategy.
DTAT Celebrates the 5th Years in Taiwan, 2022 Yearly Corporate Video “FUSO Leads” Unveiled.
     Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. (DTAT), the exclusive distributor of leading commercial vehicle brand of FUSO, held a press conference today (April 13) to officially announce the inclusion of Mercedes-Benz Trucks into its portfolio. In short, DTAT will have two major commercial vehicle brands, FUSO and Mercedes-Benz, further bolstered by synergies with leading commercial vehicle distributor - Yue Ye Motors Corporation – through its extensive network of sales and service outlets. After the announcement earlier this year of its leading 30 years season streak with a single brand of FUSO, the addition of the Mercedes-Benz brand is well poised to help DTAT break through its past performance; and how DTAT strategically deploys this "golden triangle" (FUSO, MB and YYM) is sure to garner the industry’s attention. DTAT CEO Joe Wong shared his dual-brand strategy during the event, emphasizing that the company will continue to uphold its reputation for superior service quality and provide more complete products and services to vehicle owners in the future. Joe also explained on how, DTAT is empowering various industry customers through the company’s "H.E.R.O" Strategy to navigate their respective blue ocean strategies. To coincide with DTAT's 5th anniversary in Taiwan, the highly anticipated annual FUSO HERO corporate video "FUSO Leads" was also unveiled during the press event. As mentioned, DTAT will leverage FUSO and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, its two flagship commercial vehicle brands, to provide vehicle owners to continue to prosper and reach greater business success in the Taiwanese market.

     At the beginning of the press conference, DTAT Chairwoman Kristin Chun-Chi Lin happily announced, "Through the consolidation of the two leading commercial vehicle brands, FUSO and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, we can definitely bring compelling new services to more business owners and drivers in Taiwan. This also marks a new chapter for Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan." DTAT CEO Joe Wong further elaborated that the product lineups of medium and heavy commercial vehicles and buses will be more complete and the entire service network will be expanded to provide more tonnage options so that the service chain can be further extended to various industries after the merger of the two brands. For example, DTAT can provide the vehicles for long-distance transportation, tourism, and special purpose vehicles for firefighting and disaster relief. Joe Wong used the four initials of "H.E.R.O" to articulate the four future strategic plans, including "High performance setup", "E-mobility leader", "Renaissance package", and "Operations 2.0". After explaining each strategy one by one, Joe Wong mentioned that the timelines for these long-term plans may vary from each other’s, but the ultimate goal is the same: to continue Damiler Truck’s leading brand position, to always be ahead and better service to the customers, to continue to provide high quality and energy-efficient products, and last but not least to empower vehicle owners to navigate more opportunities in the “blue ocean” and reach greater achievements.

     Apart from stellar business achievements, this year also marks the fifth anniversary of DTAT’s establishment. In April 2017, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation established Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. as a joint venture in Taiwan with Shung Ye Trading Company Ltd. to enhance its services to the Taiwanese market. With the brand aspiration of "Growing with you, Success in Taiwan", DTAT is committed to providing a full range of sales services and strong after-sales support for vehicle owners in Taiwan. By presenting every key milestones since DTAT’s establishment in 2017, the video highlighted the company’s commitment to challenge itself, such as actively introducing new products and services, and successfully exhibiting hydrogen fuel trucks in 2021 to showcase a new future for commercial vehicles in Taiwan. A new generation of service depots, lighthouses are being constructed throughout the island, completely overturning the traditional image that car owners have of commercial vehicle service depots and setting a new benchmark in the industry. Apart from that, the company has also invested heavily in charitable causes; for example, DTAT quickly donated two buses and trucks for use by the search and rescue teams during the Hualien earthquake relief efforts in 2018. Since the company set up, the company has been working on road safety issues, holding annual safety training workshops and highway safety inspections. The event is free of charge to vehicle owners of all brands and has been well accepted by the society, thus receiving the Golden Safety Award from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in 2021 as the CSR contribution. We believe that all audiences in the press conference would agree that DTAT has indeed achieved a number of innovations in its fifth anniversary in Taiwan, which is not only limited to the commercial vehicle industry, but also striving for greater change in the business environment in Taiwan.

     One of the most famous topic for the Taiwanese market is DTAT’s "FUSO HERO" series marketing campaign. The FUSO brand has been in Taiwan for more than 60 years and has a large customer base. Since the launch of the first video "FUSO HERO, TAIWAN HERO" in 2018, the series has successfully told the true story of each FUSO HERO and received wide acclaim. This year marks the fifth video of the series with the theme of "FUSO Leads", which was officially released today (April 13). "FUSO Leads" highlights the "hidden champion" companies that are not widely known but whose products are ubiquitous. Behind their success lies extraordinary stories, which are linked together through small forces, just like individual parts, which finally come together to create the most dazzling products that shine in the international stage. Over the past 6 decades, FUSO has played a pivotal role linking and converging different industries, and has inherited the dreams to reach greater achievements. At the end of the video, FUSO is towing a cruise ship into the blue ocean, and the fantastic scene of a ship on the road leaves a lasting impression on FUSO’s outstanding load capacity. Furthermore, it also symbolizes that FUSO and Mercedes-Benz Trucks will work together with business owners across Taiwan to reach next level of business development as indispensable partners for achieving extraordinary success.