​All Hail the King! FUSO Reveals Brand New Euro 6 Range Industry-Leading Prime Mover of Taiwan’s Economy FUSO and Taiwanese Bosses Get Set to Roll into the Future Euro 6 Compliant with Boost to Safety, Comfort, and Performance

All Hail the King! FUSO Reveals Brand New Euro 6 Range
Industry-Leading Prime Mover of Taiwan’s Economy
FUSO and Taiwanese Bosses Get Set to Roll into the Future

Euro 6 Compliant with Boost to Safety, Comfort, and Performance
The crowning moment of the year has arrived! FUSO is the leading commercial vehicle brand in Taiwan, and its general distributor, Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. (DTAT) formally launched its brand new Euro 6 range of vehicles today (12/23) under the banner of “FUSO, the Prime Mover of Taiwan’s Economy.” The all-star line-up of heavyweight products reflected the brand’s industry dominance. The vehicles on display included the best-selling 3.5t and 5t Canter, the king of medium-duty Fighter, and the flagship heavy truck Super Great. In addition to complying with the Euro 6 emission standard for large diesel vehicles, the new range received a boost to their safety, comfort and performance. This means a whole new driving experience for owners and drivers thanks to all-aspect protection, enhanced cabin comfort, and improved performance. The launch of the new range means that FUSO has now formally entered the Euro 6 era and is set to roll into the future with truck owners across Taiwan. As the market leader, FUSO did not shy away from driving the message home by spending big on hosting its launch event in an airport hangar. The full line-up of FUSO Euro 6 vehicles rumbled into view when the hangar doors rolled aside. A big passenger jet in the background made them seem like strongmen towing the aircraft, and the gasps of amazement from the audience were quickly overwhelmed by camera flashes.


The event commenced with a very emotive message from DTAT Chairperson Kristin Lin (林純姬): “FUSO has been in the Taiwanese market for more than 60 years. Along with innumerable Taiwanese truck owners, we witnessed the meteoric rise and miracles of the Taiwanese economy. It can be said that FUSO has been transporting countless cargo and dreams as the prime mover of Taiwan’s economy.” DTAT CEO Joe Wang (王立山) drove onto the stage in the Super Great heavy truck for the finale. “The brand new Euro 6 range that has been in development for a long time at FUSO has been revealed to the world today (Dec. 23),” enthused Wang. “We have tremendous confidence in our latest product due to the major improvements in safety, updated appearance and performance. The tremendous resources made available by the Daimler Group means we now aim to provide our customers throughout Taiwan with the best product and service. We would also like to sincerely thank all truck owners around Taiwan for their support over the past 60 years.” 

Three Major Boosts for an Enhanced Driver Experience
1. All-aspect Safety Upgrade
The new Euro 6 range upholds FUSO’s longstanding insistence on a high standard of safety. The advanced protection systems ensure a safer driving experience. First of these is the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), more commonly found in private cars as required by law (3.5t excepted); The range also went above and beyond regulatory requirements by fitting the Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS) as standard (3.5t excepted). The system significantly reduces accident risks by detecting not only stationary and moving vehicles but also pedestrians in motion; heavy vehicle technologies equipped also include functions such as traction mode for escaping from muddy terrain, Emergency Stop System (ESS), Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA), and Intelligent Headlight Control (IHC) to deliver both passive safety protection and active hazard prevention.
2. Enhanced Quality and Comfort
The FUSO Euro 6 range received across-the-board upgrades to improve driving comfort. The smaller models have breathable leather seats and armrests as well as floating center console, making the cabin more spacious transversely and helps to reduce fatigue during long-distance driving; heavy-duty models are equipped with the same air suspension truck seats found on European trucks of the same class. The seats adapt automatically to the driver’s weight and have integrated seat belts. The spacious wrap-around design gives a tremendous boost to driver comfort. The medium and heavy-duty models come with air suspension for better ride comfort as well as effective protection of fragile and high-precise goods. 5t and higher models are provided with the 7” integrated vision assist system to help the driver maintain awareness of their surrounding vehicles. Music can also be played from smartphones for a safe and relaxing driving experience.
3. Performance Upgrade
FUSO Super Great Euro 6 has adopted an all-new engine whose maximum displacement has been reduced to 10,667cc for lower tax costs while delivering 13% more horsepower and 10% more torque than Euro 5 vehicles. The displacement of the Canter and Fighter remains unchanged but is fitted with a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) to reach the maximum output at lower revs. The new Canter also delivers 8% more torque than Euro 5 vehicles (37.7kgf→40.8kgf). The advanced BlueTec post-processing technology from Daimler Group also delivers high power while exceeding Euro 6 emission standards. For owners of transportation companies, this translates into savings on taxes as well as lower fleet fuel and running costs. This is the first time that BlueTec engines have been used in small Japanese trucks as well. The international trend towards increasingly strict emission standards makes FUSO’s all-new Euro 6 range the best choice for owners looking to future-proof themselves on environmental protection.
FUSO, the Primer Mover of Taiwan’s Economy, Reveals Brand New Euro 6 Range!
Flagship Heavy Duty Truck - FUSO Super Great Tractor/Heavy Duty Truck (24.6t/35t/43t)
FUSO Super Great has consistently worn the crown as the top-selling heavy-duty truck. It has always turned the heads of passersby with its bold appearance and the new Euro 6 iteration is just as eye-catching. The radiator grille and headlight covers have been re-designed with a powerful, streamlined V-shape for better brand identification. The classic white paint job is now accentuated with high-tech silver-azure for a very distinctive look that should take the commercial vehicle community by storm. The engine is the lighter OM470 common-rail diesel with a power output of up to 455 ps/ 1600 rpm and peak torque of 224 kgm/1,100 rpm) that is unmatched by others in its class. Displacement is also reduced by 1,291 cc, translating to about NT$5,000 in fuel excise savings a year. All Euro 6 vehicles are equipped with the ShiftPilot automated manual so even female drivers can easily drive the heavy-duty truck. The automated manual transmission gearbox of ShiftPilot can also adjust the gear based on the current driving conditions and the load. It also comes with EcoRoll energy-saving mode, crawl mode and recovery mode. If the tires become bogged down in mud or a pit, this provides better clutch control than pure manuals. As emission standards become stricter, this helps to maintain optimum engine performance and fuel consumption and reduce driver fatigue on extended trips. For owners and fleets, it translates into lower running costs too.
The interior of the FUSO Super Great Euro 6 has been revamped as well. The bay-shaped center console offers a more user-friendly driving environment. Drivers of different statures can access every button on the central console with ease for greater flexibility. The Euro 6 model is available with two heights, 3,200mm (standard) or 3,320mm (high-top). The door handles of the standard height truck are just 183cm off the ground giving even female drivers easy access to the cabin. Lightweight, durable and ultra-strong super beams are used throughout the vehicle to provide a rugged chassis. To handle all kinds of cargo requirements and the leaf spring suspension model for handling different road conditions, a pneumatic suspension model (4 units) is also equipped to improve stability when carrying fragile and high-precision merchandise.
King of Medium Duty Trucks - Fighter Medium Duty Truck
The FUSO medium-duty truck’s streamlined styling effectively reduces air resistance and eddies to improve the ride, lower fuel consumption, and meet a variety of different loading requirements. The new FUSO Fighter Euro 6 vehicle retains the original styling but adds Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Automated Emergency Braking System (AEBS), rain-sensing windshield wipers, and attention assist function to improve safety. The interior sees a switch from non-woven fabric to leather upholstery. The new steering wheel configuration adds short-cut buttons and stalk switches. The more ergonomic design allows the driver to concentrate on the driving. Over the console is a 7” integrated driver vision system as well. The ergonomic design and thoughtful touches in the cabin reduce driver fatigue and improve road safety. The power system retains the next-generation 6M60 high-pressure common-rail direct-injection diesel engine. Air intake can be adjusted through the Variable Geometric Turbocharger (VGT) to provide a huge turbo boost at lower revs and more powerful starts. Loaded trucks will run more smoothly and consume less fuel. This means the peak power output of 270 ps/2500 rpm and 80 kgm/1100-2400 rpm) can be achieved at lower engine speeds. Like the Super Great, a pneumatic suspension-equipped model has been added to the Fighter range in response to market demand for transportation of special goods.
Best-Selling Champion - Canter
FUSO first launched the PRO 5 Canter 5t earlier this year to meet market demand. It has now followed this up with an Euro 6 3.5t entry-level model for customers with light loads. The 6.5t and 8.55t models that had been best-sellers in the past have now shifted to domestic production and a 7.9t model that the market has been pushing for added as well. The optimization will make the Euro 6 Canter line-up even more competitive. The power package consists of the 4P10 engine tuned to deliver higher output at lower revs while keeping the engine displacement the same at 2,998cc means lower taxes. Maximum power output and torque for the 3.5t is 130 ps and 35.7 kgm, 150 ps and 40.8 kgm for the 5t, 1750ps and 43.8 kgm for the medium-duty truck. When combined with the VGT, muscular power output and fuel efficiency helps owners save money. A new 4.3m super-long axle chassis is now available for the 8.55t model for owners aiming to maximize load and profit.
The FUSO Euro 6 Canter interior features a revamped dash design and five key upgrades, including synthetic leather seats, armrests, automatic headlights, AMT speed control, and defogging to simplify driving and improve driver comfort. Canter also incorporates the FUSO super frame with no protruding rivets on the inside surface to make attachments a cinch. FUSO also maintained its insistence on high safety standards in the new Euro 6 Canter by including Active Emergency Brake Assist (AEBS) (3.5t model excepted), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability System (ESP), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) (3.5t model excepted), Brake Override System (BOS), and AMT hill assist system, and the 7” integrated vision assist system for the safety and peace of mind of drivers during their journey.
Safety Upgrade at No Extra Cost! All New FUSO Euro 6 Vehicles Comes with Factory Warranty
FUSO has now formally launched its full line-up of Euro 6 vehicles. To provide all owners around Taiwan with a better driving experience, all-new FUSO Euro 6 vehicles sold will now enjoy a 3-year or 100,000 km factory warranty. For more information, please contact Yue Ye Motors, FUSO’s distributor in Taiwan.
FUSO hosted its annual launch event at Tainan Airport with a theme of “Prime Mover of Taiwan’s Economy.” The innovative theme reflected the extensive role of FUSO in Taiwan’s economic development. It also represented a return to Tainan, the birthplace of Taiwan’s economic miracle. The combination of history, culture and modernity in Tainan perfectly encapsulated FUSO’s all-new Euro 6 vehicles. The event made use of nightclub-style effects and projection technology. The opening laser show along with the live introduction, created an immersive experience for the guests. When the hangar doors opened and FUSO’s entire line-up of all-new Euro 6 vehicles advanced into view, the light and sound effects along with the big passenger jet in the background held the audience’s undivided attention. The triumphant parade of heroes was a climactic moment that none of the guests will ever forget!