Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. sold 35,000th vehicle! The lucky buyer award ceremony held in Chiayi

Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. sold 35,000th vehicle! The lucky buyer award ceremony held in Chiayi
  The commercial vehicle market leadership Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan (DTAT), the sole distributer of FUSO, held the 35,000th lucky buyer award ceremony on Dec 15th.  The lucky buyer is the customer located in Chiayi called Guo Li Transportation Company.  DTAT customized the meaningful award ceremony at Chiayi for the customer.
  Since DTAT established in 2017, we held the lucky buyer award ceremony for every 5,000 units new vehicle sales.  We had achieved 35,000th units within five years.  “ FUSO United in moving forward together” is the FUSO promotion theme for this year to appreciate all the customers and drivers by working hard around every corner in Taiwan day and night.  DTAT hopes to unite all single power as the foundation to become the huge power to push Taiwan moving forward.
  The 35,000th lucky buyer is Guo Li Transportation Company.  DTAT specially invited the professional director to film the customer’s story to show how the customer works in the countless days and nights with sweats and hard works by editing a 3 mins video to pay tribute to all the attendance.  The video’s content is the ordinary life but it surprised and touched all the guest that attended at the ceremony, they gave a big applause after that.


  Since Guo Li Transportation Company established, they actively promote the brand value, insist to offer better vehicles and service quality in order to create safer and comfortable trips for the customers.  Through this celebration party, all the guests feel the heartfelt work of DTAT to the customers.  After playing the customized the video, CEO of DTAT Joe Wong and the president of Guo Li, Lai Huang Ruei swing the baseball bat together to break the huge baseball to symbolize the non- stop battling spirit to overcome the difficulties and create more success together.  There are also the sumptuous round banquets and the live band performance in the celebration event to put the event ending under a joyful atmosphere.

  DTAT uphold the FUSO brand commitment in “moving together success in Taiwan” by not only offering the high quality production line and extending the complete high quality network service, but also applying these elements to become the key for FUSO to stand out from the market competition.  DTAT also hope FUSO can keep offering multiple services to the customers in the future so we can get all the FUSO Heroes move forward together hand in hand.