Limited 200pcs of free FUSO United happiness recharge packs for the FUSO drivers

FUSO United happiness delivery, Moving forward together
Limited 200pcs of free FUSO United happiness recharge packs for the FUSO drivers

     The commercial vehicle leading brand Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan (DTAT), the sole distributor of FUSO has been in Taiwan for more than sixty years, has invested a lot of resources on the road safety corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities every year which is one of the important activities we focus on our annual planning.  DTAT cooperates with Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. (HuKou service area) to host the “FUSO United deliver happiness” cheering event on Oct7th, 2021 (Thursday) from 10:30am to 4:30pm at the HuKou service area northward parking lot.
     As the previous level 3 epidemic alert announced, it has not only changed our daily lifestyle and but also changed the whole Taiwanese market.  A lot of people stay at home day by day, but there is a group of people who are living in opposite to spend even more time on working outside and spend less time with their families.  They are the drivers who kept dedicating on their works during the severe epidemic period.  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DTAT Joe Wong claims: “we prepared 200pcs of the FUSO United happiness recharge packs, including appreciation card, FUSO mask, FUSO United sticker, neck pillow, water and snacks for the FUSO drivers, to appreciate their dedication on work during the severe epidemic period, he believes to gather everyone’s e efforts can create the power to keep Taiwanese market moving forward.” It is the exclusive event for FUSO drivers, they will only need to like the DTAT Facebook or Instagram, upload a photo that is related to the event in public to receive a FUSO United happiness recharge pack. There are limited packs to be delivered while stock last.
     This event applied “FUSO United” brand campaign theme as the 4th year FUSO HERO brand promotion.  Through “FUSO United happiness delivery, Moving forward together” cheering event to show appreciation to those unsung heroes who kept the transportation from north to south operating.  DTAT cooperates with Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. to have the event in HuKou, where is the only northward highway where the drivers will pass by to distribute the “FUSO United happiness recharge packs” to the full dedication drivers to replenish the energy and appreciate their insistent and contribution who keep Taiwanese market moving forward.  DTAT also takes this opportunity to promote the importance of the road safety to the drivers.  DTAT hopes all the drivers and passengers can go out happily and arrive home safely.

     DTAT cooperates with Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)’s road safety month in October to host a series of relevant events.  Besides the “FUSO United happiness delivery, Moving forward together” cheering event, there are also the “FUSO United CSR road safety for children” which through the truck related job and occupation simulation for children to promote the heavy duty vehicles blind spots and the road safety knowledge for the parents and children.  There are also “ FUSO Hero safety driving camp” which through the lecture of real driving cases sharing to let the drivers know the importance of the defensive driving skill in the morning session, and the professional coach will teach the truck driving skills in different road conditions via games to encounter the emergency situation in the afternoon session.  We sincerely welcome everyone to join our events!