“Fuso United children road safety, moving forward together event “ to be held in Huashan on Oct 23

Road safety month 2nd event!
Safety knowledge to be educated from young.  Don’t play hide and seek with the truck!
“Fuso United children road safety, moving forward together event “ to be held in Huashan on Oct 23
      Since Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan ( DTAT) as the sole distributor of FUSO established, we had focused on the commercial vehicles road safety.  DTAT designed various truck related safety driving camps for years. In October, DTAT cooperated with Ministry Of Transportation And Communication (MOTC) to promote “Road safety month” in October, DTAT hosts the road safety program specially for children road safety, named “ FUSO United children road safety, moving forward together event” on Oct 23rd at Huasha 1914 Creative Park!  We invited the children and parents to participate.  , We let the children to learn the knowledge of the potential risk of the trucks on the road and to promote the road safety through the educational entertainment
     The street is as dangerous as tiger, DTAT focused on the commercial vehicle road safety experience and have fun interaction with truck for children under 10 years old who are in primary school in order to strengthen their road safety knowledge correctly. Through the interaction in the activity and Q&A session at the event to strengthen the knowledge of the commercial vehicle accident prevention. Also we provide the opportunity for children to get into the vehicle to experience being the little driver at the driver seat, so they can get the feelings of the blind spot and difference of radius between inner wheels of the trucks.  So they know the importance on keeping the safe distance from the trucks.
     Besides, FUSO Cares food truck will be displayed at the event, the children will wear the chef’s cloth to become the owner of the food truck, to use their creativity to make the dessert by themselves. The children not only can learn from the activity but also receive the giveaways, to enrich and enjoy the weekend.

     "Fuso United children road safety, moving forward together event” hasthe online registration, DTAT sincerely welcome all the parents bring their children to join us, to let the road safety knowledge become the common sense, to guide and grow together with the children.
【Event Information】
  • Date:10/23(Sat)
  • Participants:Children under 10 years old
  • Location:Hushan creative park
  • Sessions:
      - Session 1: 11:00–12:00        
      - Session 2: 13:30–14:30        
      - Session 3: 15:00–16:00                                                                                                                                                                 - Session 4:16:30–17:30          
  • Regsitration fee: Fully sponsored by DTAT
  • Online application fee: