Industry leader! “FUSO UNITED” Premiere received critical acclaim. Taiwanese market’s Leading Commercial Vehicle Brand Launches Exclusive “FUSO Coin” for All-New Digital Commercial Vehicle Community

     Since May this year, the epidemic situation in Taiwanese market has been severe again, and the whole market had been under the Level 3 Alert.  While the epidemic was bringing a new normal to people’s daily life, it also accelerated the growth of the logistics and transportation industries as well as increasing digital transformation across industries.  As the Taiwanese market distributor of commercial vehicles leading brand, Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan (DTAT) is grateful to all the unsung heroes of the logistics and transportation industries who have ensured the stable flow of goods across Taiwan during the epidemic, and premiered the video “FUSO UNITED” to give a shout-out to the outstanding drivers today (8/18). The company also launched “FUSO Coin”, the first electronic wallet in the commercial vehicle industry, to strengthen the connection with FUSO owners through digitalization and technology applications, and to create a new digital community platform for commercial vehicles, joining hands with FUSO owners across Taiwanese market to move the future.
     During the opening remarks of the premiere, Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan (DTAT) CEO Joe Wong emotionally said, “During the epidemic, there is the strong growth of e-commerce logistics demand, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the drivers and industry owners who are still dedicated at their positions, working hard and holding firmly to their steering wheels days and night, driving to connect all 371 cities and towns in the Taiwanese market, so that Taiwanese society can continue to move forward under the epidemic.  You are the real heroes of Taiwan!”.  “

     This year we are releasing the forth marketing campaign series themed “FUSO UNITED” to pay tribute to these unsung heroes.  It epitomizes a belief that “when every “I” becomes “we”, we can overcome all difficulties, we United in Moving the Future.”  In addition, since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, all industries have felt the urgency on digitalization.  FUSO, the leading brand of commercial vehicles in the Taiwanese market, will not be absent in this digital wave.  DTAT exclusively launched the first electronic wallet in the commercial vehicle industry this year– “FUSO Coin”.  Joe explained, “Through the successful concept and spirit of FUSO HERO we built in 2018, and the collaboration with the frontline sales in the dealership for FUSO HERO campaigns in the past three years, customers have readily recognized the FUSO HERO identity.   Customers gradually recognize each other as FUSO HEROES.  After the epidemic began in 2020, FUSO planned to create a digital communication platform to officially form a community for the heroes and provide a dedicated token, and thus FUSO Coin was born.”  FUSO coins are electronic wallet with value.  In fact, the coins are not limited to use by FUSO vehicles owners, but to all public by simply register the official FUSO LINE account.  Once you joined the FUSO LINE community, you can get 100 FUSO coins.  FUSO will also from time to time interact with the community members through the official LINE account and hold exciting activities.  As long as participants complete the account registration, they can start to earn FUSO coins.  When FUSO coins are accumulated to a certain amount, they can be exchanged for branded peripheral giveaways and maintenance services coupons.  FUSO coins are expected to officially debut in September, and all FUSO fans are invited to register the official FUSO COIN LINE account for more exciting experiences and goodies.

     During the press conference, the online campaign for the fourth “2021 FUSO HERO Recruitment”, known as the “Oscars of the commercial vehicle industry”, was also launched at the same time.  This year, there will be “United Excellence Group (Individual Category)”, “Untied Traditional Crafts Group (Individual Category)” and “United Friends and Family Group (Group)”. All Heroes are welcome to join the event, or nominate the best candidates to become FUSO HEROES.
     In addition, in order to reward the longstanding support of FUSO owners, FUSO announced the launch of a limited edition of the “PRO 5 Safety Special Truck” in August.  The maximum gross weight of five tons vehicle inherits FUSO's renowned industry-leading safety standards.  The vehicles equipped with “7-inch large-screen driver visual assistance system”, as well as “BSD, blind spot detection” and “LCA, lane change warning system”, which helps to eliminate blind spots and enhances road safety protection.  The cargo box body truck also equipped with an “OEM original design UPD, under protection device”.  The PRO 5 Safety Special Truck is available for sale in limited quantities.   Please contact Yue Ye Motors Corporation for details.