Winners Revealed for the 3rd FUSO HERO Awards

Winners Revealed for the 3rd FUSO HERO Awards
Salute the 2020 FUSO HERO again in Kaohsiung in National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
  Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd. (DTAT), distributor of the most popular commercial vehicle - FUSO in Taiwan, hosted the FUSO Hero Award Ceremony for this year's FUSO HERO at National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts. Recognized as the most prestigious award for commercial vehicles, "FUSO HERO" returned to Kaohsiung this year since the first year FUSO Hero Award Ceremony, where nominated vehicle owners and family members were invited to join and share their glorious moment. This year's competition divided into four different categories, including: "FUSO believes young entrepreneur" "FUSO believes excellent entrepreneur", "FUSO believes I believe" and "Best Popularity with most voting award".  Not only the event received record-breaking number of participants as candidates, more than 3 million votes were cast online and the campaign website accumulated above 10 million visits, making it the most intense competition to date.  The award ceremony also featured live performance from Taitung Qingye Elementary School choir, gold award winner of the 2019 Vienna International Choir Competition.   In addition to local musicians including Fei Huang and Nine One One, who saluted the FUSO heroes with a compilation of classic Taiwanese tunes.  For the last and the most important part of the event, FUSO generously offered its latest PRO 5, a 5-ton commercial vehicle valued above NT$1 million, as the grand prize in the lucky draw among the FUSO Hero awardees.
  For more than 60 years, FUSO has grown its presence in the local market with a brand conviction of "Moving with you, success in Taiwan"; its attention to maintaining long-term relationship with every customers is what enabled the brand to receive the title of market leader of commercial vehicles in Taiwan for 28 consecutive years.  "FUSO HERO" was first organized in 2018; it started as an online voting campaign that aimed to uncover motivating stories behind each vehicle owner - namely the "FUSO Heroes."  The campaign received participants from more than 100 vehicle owners and attracted 600,000 online votes in its initial year, and has since expanded to record-high levels on a yearly basis.  For the third year (2020) of this popular event, the organizer chose the theme "FUSO Believes" and once again attracted record-breaking participants from 310 FUSO vehicle owners of various professions throughout Taiwan as well as more than 3 million votes online.  By promoting itself as a trusted companion to Taiwan's vehicle owners on the economy development, FUSO has been able to accumulate a sizable group of customers and roam the streets of Taiwan over the years, thus making "FUSO HERO" the most prestigious award for commercial vehicles in Taiwan.  As the event draws near, there is without a doubt that thousands of viewers and supporters will be joining the live stream to find out who the winners are.  It is also the intention of FUSO to spread the stories of FUSO Heroes through this campaign to praise the unsung heroes.
  "2020 FUSO HERO" has four competition categories: "FUSO believes young entrepreneur" "FUSO believes excellent entrepreneur", "FUSO believes I believe" and "Best Popularity with most voting award" and the winners are selected over two phases.  Phase 1, the online voting, was completed in September; and for phase 2, expert judges from the industry, the academia, and the media were invited to form a final review panel to determine the list of nominees.  The award ceremony today (19th of November) announced the names of 33 awardees and their final ranking.  Each winner will receive FUSO vouchers valued at NT$20,000-NT$50,000, plus a commemorative trophy handcrafted by Top Guy Workshop.  Each trophy is made from stainless steel by quenched at high temperature, and has a unique design that symbolizes and pays tribute on how every FUSO HERO has overcome and emerged from their challenges. Below are the winners for each category this year:

Winner of " FUSO believes young entrepreneur" - Mr. Chi-Chun Huang from Taylih Transportation Co., Ltd.  A vehicle enthusiast since childhood, Huang grew up by joining his father in the transportation business.  Business started from a small company, it is now owns 60 FUSO commercial vehicles from 11 to 17 ton.  For Mr. Huang, the strong durability of FUSO vehicles resembles his father's unyielding spirit, and serves as a reminder that consistent hard effort is the only path to success.  Now as an accomplished man, Mr. Huang tries to return to the society and spread love and positive energy to the people.

Winner of " FUSO believes excellent entrepreneur" - Mr. Chih-Pen Chang from DB Bus Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chang, who has been working in the transportation business for nearly 30 years, concerns about the quality of transportation service.  Mr. Chang also focused on the vehicle safety and performance as the top priority in order provide the best working environment for the drivers.  It is only FUSO who offers the best and safest products in order to provide every drivers a good company to perform well at work and be safe on the road.

Winner of "FUSO believes I believe" - Mr. Chuan-Yo Huang from Pingtung Jiuru Road Repair Philanthropist Association.  Mr. Huang has been helping neighborhood and the elders by repairing the roads since sixth grade.  The road repairing task is very hard, but he has never complained or asked for anything in return as long as he can protect the safety and provide comfort to the local community.  As a member of Jiuru Road Repair Philanthropist Association and a volunteer in the government's road repair system, Mr. Huang hopes to contribute more to the society by carrying the title of FUSO HERO.

There are three winners in this year's " Best Popularity with most voting award ":
1st place - Mr. Chien-Tsun Pan from Chuan Ta Co., Ltd. with a total of 327,050 votes
2nd place - Mr. Yu-Han Li from Yunmao Enterprise Co., Ltd. with a total of 260,188 votes
3rd place - Mr. Chih-Pen Chang from DB Bus Co., Ltd. with a total of 256,754 votes, who is also the winner of "FUSO believes I believe"
  This year's FUSO HERO returns to Kaohsiung since the first year in 2018 and is held on a grander scale at its new landmark - National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts.  The landmark's streamlined exterior resembles a pair of wings, which not only supports the event's theme of " Faith is the wing of courage; Believe is the strength in moving ", but also gives each FUSO HERO the encouraging recognition for their life achievements.
  The award ceremony opened with the performance of 16-time national cheer-leading champion team, who greeted all FUSO Heroes with their energetic presentation of "FUSO believes" despite the ongoing pandemic.  CEO of MFTBC and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia, Mr. Schick and the SVP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services at MFTBC, Mr. Puchert still made a surprising greetings to the audience in Taiwan online virtually from Germany and Japan, respectively.  They greeted the guests remotely, showing high level of attention for the event and the FUSO Heroes in Taiwan.  The food preparation was also carefully design by Neimen's famous "Flying Dragon Banquet" incorporating Taiwan's eight most recognizable sceneries served.  This special banquet was unique in Kaohsiung for more than 60 years, its heritage is the same as FUSO.  FUSO paid attention to every details including the food served to the customers.  As the CEO of DTAT, Joe Wong mentioned in the opening speech, "We tend to every single detail in our service, this is how we impress our customers".  DTAT invited Taitung Qingye Elementary School choir, who had performed in FUSO's brand campaign video, to present the classic Rukai songs.  Not only did the choir touch the audience’s heart with their bright, confident voices, their successful stories in winning the singing contest worldwide by their dedication on practicing also inspired the audience.  Their performance was soon followed by local musicians including Fei Huang and Nine One One. In the final moment of the ceremony, CEO of DTAT Joe Wong was invited on stage to draw the lucky winner of the new 5-ton FUSO PRO 5, bringing the climax of the event.