Be the pioneer! Daimler Truck Asia Taiwan successfully implemented the safety driving corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity

Be the pioneer!  Daimler Truck Asia Taiwan successfully implemented the safety driving corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity
Even though Covid-19 interrupted a lot of activities, the commercial vehicle market leader FUSO’s sole distributor - Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan (DTAT), keeps proactively investing resources on safety driving corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity.  As CEO Joe Wong said, he hopes these meaningful activities can sustain years by years.  In October, DTAT cooperated with the Ministry of the Interior National Fire Agency to provide the “commercial vehicle safety driving camp”, to provide the safety driving lesson for 60 drivers who are driving in different brands.  In November, the cooperation expanded to the cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC), integrated with the private enterprise’s resources to hold the “ free highway inspection”.  The mechanics from Yue Ye Motors had the inspection for the vehicles with no restriction on the brands and vehicle types in Hukou and Dongsan service areas and provided autonomous maintenance advices.  There were over 1,100 vehicles, including buses, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars from different brands received the inspection.  Most of the commercial vehicle involved accidents were serious.  DTAT as the market leader on commercial vehicle industry distributor, hope to play the role as pioneer to brig up the visibility and raise the importance of safety driving, arouse the publics to value and active participate on the safety driving activities in order to reduce the accidents.
The “commercial vehicle safety driving camp” has been continuously arranged for 3 years.  FUSO is the first brand to provide the whole day training for the drivers.  There is no restriction on the vehicle brands’ drivers on the recruitment.  The participants only required to have driving license and the sense of mission on safety driving for the enrollment.  As DTAT CEO Joe Wong mentioned, DTAT carefully planned the lesson in not teaching the drivers driving skill, but to adjust the mentality to the initial for driving safe, so the participants can understand the knowledge of “defensive driving”.  This is the skill on not only protecting the drivers themselves, but also protecting the passengers’ safety and family happiness.  Even though the event was located in Nantou Zhushan, the Asia’s largest fire agency training center where is far from the Taipei city, the seats were fully applied within a week, there are also some participants from previous 2 years to join again this year.  Meanwhile, there were a lot of internet sharing with 100% satisfaction survey received. 
There was a professional lecturer teaching on “ defensive driving” and showing the real case scenario videos in the morning.  Test drive was arranged in the afternoon session.  The professional coaches provided one on one lesson, leading the participants used the knowledge they learned from the lecture to deal with all different kind of accidents road conditions.  There were five different levels, including simulate the slope, alley, and falling rocks area, to let the participants to practice the adaptability to changes on real road conditions.  After the fulfilling and exciting day, all participants received FUSO giveaways of FUSO hero badge, certificate, and safety driving handbook as souvenir, the challenge program for the drivers made the activity became the popular CSR activity.                                                                                                                                                                                                
The free highway inspection CSR activity in November focused on vehicle inspection.  This activity is a collaboration with government and cooperation with private enterprise resources which last for 6 days.  The inspection stations were held in Hukou and Dongshan service areas.  Besides providing the consultation on vehicle registration and safety driving dissemination, the mechanics from Yue Ye Motor’s provided free inspection service, including tire pattern, tire pressure, exterior lighting, and exhaust smoke …etc., and disseminate the vehicle simple and autonomous maintenance for the vehicles parked in the service area in order to let the drivers to keep the vehicles in the best conditions.  
FUSO’s sole distributor, DTAT has been in Taiwan for over 60 years, perusing the brand motto “Moving with you, success in Taiwan”, has keep the efforts on CSR activities.  DTAT actively collaborates with government and private enterprises these years to jointly promote safety driving concept.  It aims to be the starting point for all the drivers cares about the responsibilities, families and all human beings to improve the safety driving together in order to let more life and families get protected.   DTAT is planning to expend the event to the children, to get more people’s attention and involvement on safety driving.