FUSO won double championships for 28 years consecutively in the CV industry and 3.5t light-duty truck segment

Although the business slump had a great impact on the automobile industry, the commercial vehicle market did not fall but grow instead last year. It has benefited from the government subsidy of trading up from old cars to new cars. Besides, most automobile manufacturers had taken a long position, which also a reason for business growth in this market. In 2019, there were 23,301 units of 3.5t light-duty truck and above in total that had been registered and licensed in the market. Compared to 21,896 units in 2018, it showed a 6.4% growth. Since the market had become bigger due to the government policy, all the car brands made every effort to raise their market share. As the leading brand of the commercial vehicle market, FUSO had sold 7,812 units, which was a 33.5% market share. We had successfully beat our competition again last year and won double championships in the CV industry and 3.5t light-duty truck segment and above for 28 consecutive years.
Take a close look at each segment; the 3.5t light-duty truck segment had undergone the fiercest competition last year. With the total number of 10,154 units had been registered and licensed by 7 major brands, Fuso Canter 3.5t won the championship with 4,381 units, which was a 43% market share. Therefore, it can be said that FUSO had not only won the championship in the 3.5t light-duty truck segment but also won the championship in the CV industry. FUSO can have been and will continue to be the leading brand in the commercial vehicle market because the truck owners trust the quality of our vehicles. Besides, since Daimler Truck Asia Taiwan Ltd. (DTAT) became the sole distributor of FUSO vehicles in 2017, we have introduced the global resources of the Daimler Group. Not only did we use innovative marketing methods to appeal to the preferences of customers, but we also keep improving product technology and expanding market coverage. We believe all these actions will play a key role in the future.
Since 1958, FUSO has been supporting this land and growing together with the society for more than 60 years. From the well-known Canter 3.5t, medium and heavy-duty trucks, trailers to mini buses and tour buses, we have not only provided a full range of products with outstanding stability and durability but also reached 95% market coverage, which makes us become the most reliable business partner of truck owners among our competitors. However, as our competitors have become stronger, the competition has also become fiercer these days. To widen the gap with the competitors, we have invested in improving service quality proactively. We have not only introduced new vehicle maintenance workshops that are spacious and bright but also introduced the automated customer service system to provide a brand-new experience for our customers. We had already rebuilt and relocated the Hsinchu workshop following the OEM standards in 2019 and will have the Luzhu and Keelung workshop rebuilt and relocated in 2020.