DTAT celebrated 15,000th lucky buyer Giant Laundry to show appreciation on April 12

FUSO's general distributor "Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan Ltd." (DTAT) held the 15,000th lucky buyer ceremony on April 12. The lucky winner was "Giant Laundry Company". It coincides with the 50th anniversary of Giant Laundry this year, creating a happy and memorable celebration party in the customer's factory, successfully winning the customer's appreciation.

DTAT has been officially launched since 2017 and is celebrating for every 5,000th vehicle owners. This year, the 15,000th lucky winner was the Giant Laundry Company. FUSO used a professional team to help customers to shoot a documentary film entitled "Giant Laundry, Happy 50th Birthday", and demonstrated achievements from a small store to become a brilliant company. Invite all employees to join filming and let the factory be filled with a rare atmosphere of joy. In the ceremony, once the film was broadcasted, the tailored art cake with Giant Laundry vehicle shape appeared on the stage. It also symbolized FUSO's relationship with the customer for 50 years. The president of the Giant Laundry, Shun Shunjing, said that he was very surprised and thanked.