Vehicles manufactured and sold by DTAT are in compliance with the Government's "Pollution and Noise Regulations", "Vehicle Safety Certification" and "Vehicle Allowable Energy Standards and Inspection Management Measures" and all components related to pollution, noise, and safety are in compliance with the regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection) of the Executive Yuan, together with the Police Department (Police), the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Transportation (Supervisory), establishing a "Police and Supervisory Inspection" mechanism to clamp down on improper modification of vehicle in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

1/ the basis of the regulation:
(1) Affecting driving safety:
According to Article 16 of the Road Traffic Management and Punishment Regulations, "Unauthorized increase, decrease, change of original specifications, affecting driving safety", the owner of the car will be fined TWD 900 above or not more than TWD 1,800
(2) Noise production:
According to Article 43 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty regulations, a penalty for "demolition of muffler or making noise affecting the others" by a vehicle should be fined TWD 6,000 above or not more than TWD 24,000. It is forbidden to drive on the spot

2/ the inspection standards:
(1) The vehicle’s exhaust pipe is replaced due to the old condition or other reasons will not be banned if it is not high-tiled and horizontal and will not affect the safety of pedestrians (not limited to the original one from the maker)
(2) It is an illegal act to modify the exhaust pipe without installing the anti-scalding device or removing the muffler
(3) Others such as modifications on lights (including illegally modified HID headlights, taillights and stoplights that do not comply with road traffic safety rules), plates rack, fenders, handles change, and removed mirrors …etc., those who do not conform to safety rules shall be banned subject to actual conditions
(4) Regarding noise recognition is based on the volume of noise detection on the modified vehicle in interception site, the noise value measured by the Environmental Protection Agency is used to assess whether the noise will affect the environmental tranquility. If the noise value is more than 10 decibels above the on-site volume, the figure of detection will be provided to the police on-site as a reference for banning

DTAT hereby declares that it is not allowed to use illegal component modifications to avoid violations of relevant traffic regulations. If there are any deficiencies in the above description, please refer to the relevant vehicle regulations announced by the Government, R.O.C.