FUSO Brand

In 1932, the first FUSO was produced. Today, FUSO is known throughout Japan and internationally as a symbol of innovative, fuel-efficient, reliable trucks and buses. “Partner in Moving Customer’s Business” is our core business. We build trucks and buses that serve our customer’s business.

We strongly believe the better products and services we provide to our customers; the more satisfied our customers will be. In order to achieve our core business, we always ensure our products and service with the following values:

Trusted Quality: When producing FUSO vehicles quality is our main priority. We guarantee FUSO to be the most enduring and trustworthy vehicles in the market.

Economic Efficiency: FUSO products are economical both in terms of initial costs as well as operational cost.

Solid & Function Design: FUSO products come with solid and functional design providing the owner with highest satisfaction of ownership and practicality

Committed Services: We ensure customer with thorough services, both in day-to-day operations as well as in after sales services

As one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufactures, FUSO recognizes its immense responsibility to customer and society.

Every day, we ask ourselves:

What can we do for our customers?
What can we do for our environment?
What can we do for our society?
What do we need to do for all that we treasure?

With these questions in mind, we carry on our quest to become “the No. 1 company for the customers” and “the most reliable company” for all our stakeholders.